Aluminium Castings for Power Transmission

Aluminum castings by Craftsman Automation: the leading player in India for precision machined sand castings, gravity and low pressure die castings for various industries ranging from locomotive, power transmission, fluid control industries.

Aluminium castings

Craftsman Automation has two decades of experience in supply of machined aluminium castings to industries across the globe. Complicated geometry, core intensive, thin wall section castings pose no challenge to our highly experienced foundry team. The part weights range from a few hundred grams to more than 300 kilograms. Multiple casting disciplines such as sand casting, gravity die, low pressure die, and high pressure die casting along with leak testing using water, air or helium are utilized to provide a comprehensive range of processes to produce the perfect parts for customer’s requirements.We also support the customer’s development team by providing casting simulation and design optimization services to improve and optimize part design for casting.

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