Gear and Gear Boxes

Our key products in our Gear and gear boxes sub-segment, include transmission and housing components. Our products in this segment cater to elevators, metro transportation, compressor manufacturers, printing machines, automobiles and steel rolling mills.

We produce industrial and low/medium volume automotive gears and gearboxes. We provide gearbox design services using our highly experienced gear design experts. In-house facilities for gear manufacturing include heat treatment, gear hobbing and gear profile grinding, internal,cylindrical and surface grinding. Quality is ensured using state-of-the-art gear tester, roundness tester, roughness measurement machine and CMM facilities.

Custom made gearboxes suited for various applications in process industries, lifting equipment and power transmission equipment are supplied by Craftsman Automation’s gear division.

Our key products

Powertrain and Others segment include engine parts such as cylinder block and cylinder head, camshafts, transmission parts, gear box housings, turbo charges and bearing caps.

  • Gear Products

  • Gear Products

  • Gear Products

In House Heat Treatment Facilities

Craftsman Automation’s in house heat treatment facilities enable best quality hardening solutions for the gears. The processes are Induction hardening, Case carburising and through hardening, using pit and sealed quench furnaces. hardness tester, metallurgical microscope, sample preparation, and grind burn detection equipment are available to ensure quality.    

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