The highly critical lightweight aluminium components are produced with our state of the art manufacturing technologies- from the design & development stage to the ready-to-assemble stage. Our core products are such as crank case and cylinder blocks for two wheelers, engine and structural parts for passenger vehicles and gear box housings for MHCVs. Despite being a relatively new entrant in the highly competitive aluminium die-casting space, Craftsman has established a strong reputation as a dependable partner for leading automotive OEMs from diverse sectors. Our aluminium casting solutions in the automobile industry help to ensure a more sustainable mobility future.

  • Powertrain Parts

    High quality, complex die cast components such as Crankcase, Covers, Cylinder Head, wheel hub, Transmission housing, Gear box housing Etc..

  • Structural parts

    light weighting & complex structural components such as Cradle, water pump inlet pipe, Air intake manifold, camcover & oil filter housing Etc..

  • E-Vehicle Parts

    Energy efficient high value added components in electric Vehicle such as Battery Housings, Cooling Trays, motor housing etc.,

  • Industrial Engineering

    Industrial Aluminum castings in Power transmission parts, Locomotive, Oil & Gas etc..

  • Two-Wheelers

  • Passenger Vehicle

  • Commercial Vehicle

  • Off-highway

  • Electric Vehicle

  • Power Transmission

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